Saints bounty scandal

He also said that unless the leagues themselves "come up with standards to make sure this isn't going to happen again," he may consider drafting legislation that would extend federal sports bribery laws to cover bounties.

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Violence is an essential part of the football, baked into the game's cake. And they did not give themselves a competitive edge. Media reaction[ edit ] The behavior detailed in the report was almost universally condemned in the press.

Seifert argued that even before the findings were revealed, it was obvious that the Saints were determined to inflict a severe beating on Favre, even if it meant breaking the rules.

Fujita, who left the team for the Browns immediately after the Saints won Super Bowl XLIVpledged "a significant amount of money" into the bounty program. I will do everything possible to re-earn the respect of my colleagues, the NFL and its players in hopes of returning to coaching in the future.

This is what I found in just the first two paragraphs. He also appeared to put a bounty on quarterback Alex Smith ; according to Pamphilon, after Williams told his men to hit Smith in the chin, "then he rubs his thumb against his index and middle fingers — the cash sign — and says, I got the first one.

Saints assistant Joe Vitt was suspended for the first six games of Awesome … or totally awesome. No penalty was called on the play, though NFL vice president of officiating Mike Pereira said one should have been called, saying it was "the type of hit we don't want.

Dates like that should be moved into the source citation notes, unless the date is overly relevant. Punishment for any Saints players involved will be determined later, because the league is still reviewing the case with the NFL Players Association.

Media reaction[ edit ] The behavior detailed in the report was almost universally condemned in the press. Did the New Orleans Saints injure more players. He also said that there would be zero tolerance for payments for in-game performance in the future, saying that payments for good play eventually escalate to bounties for deliberately injuring players.

He cited a case in which Denver Broncos defensive back Dale Hackbart sued the Cincinnati Bengals for a late hit to the back by running back Boobie Clark that fractured three vertebrae four years earlier and ended his career.

He also said that he discussed the issue with several players from his era, and they unanimously agreed that players who put bounties on opponents were "cowards.

What's the proper punishment in Saints 'bounty' scandal?

Vilma played the final 11 games of the season for the Saints; Smith played all Cornwell contended that Williams was a "rogue coach," and the recently released audio of his meeting with the defense only proved it. Apr 05,  · Gregg Williams, Saints Coach, Audio: 'Kill the Head' ABC News.

the Latest Scandal to Plague NFL - Duration: Jeremy Shockey on Saints' Bounty Scandal Allegations - SHOWTIME -.

New Orleans Saints bounty scandal

Home was a misnomer, though. Anthony lost contact with his father shortly after his mom became sick; he and his brother Terrence, and sister, Tiffany, had grown up mostly homeless or in shelters.

Mar 23,  · Saints Bounty Scandal: After Schadenfreude, The Fear Of 'New Orleans Vs. The World' Whatever the Atlanta Falcons and the NFL might have gained in Roger Goodell's dismantling of the Saints' season might have come at the cost of creating a meaner, polarized and even more passionate Who Dat Nation.

Upon further review, the bounty scandal suspensions handed in by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell to current and former New Orleans Saints players have been overturned.

A look at the bounty scandal from start to finish as Sean Payton prepares for his first regular-season game since his season-long suspension: Jan. 15, - Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma. This is the talk page for discussing improvements to the New Orleans Saints bounty scandal article. This is not a forum for general discussion of the article's subject.

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Saints bounty scandal
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Sean Payton of New Orleans Saints banned one year for bounties