Preparatory coursework

Test scores that are more than two 2 years old are not acceptable for initial course placement. Courses taken Preparatory coursework the sole purpose of raising your grade point average, courses that are not required prerequisites for Preparatory coursework in an eligible program, and courses taken for professional recognition or advancement or that Wayne State University recommends do not qualify for financial aid.

Letters of recommendation from educators or professors familiar with your academic preparation are welcome. Minimum College-Level Placement Scores: Check with math lab on the first floor of the library for the dates and times. Three credits of study are required in history or in any of the social sciences—for example, anthropology, contemporary world problems, economics, geography, government, political science, psychology, sociology.

For the culminating experience, students will choose from directed comprehensive studies, a thesis, or an applied scholarly project. You can address how any of these criteria may affect you in your answers to the personal insight questions. In addition, courses that are interdisciplinary in nature, drawing knowledge from two or more fields, are also acceptable.

If you attended high school or college, your official transcripts are also required. Five-hundred level courses are graduate level but may also be taken by advanced undergraduates.

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The program comprises thirty-three units of coursework in Communication Studies selected in consultation with advisors. Only Kaplan lets you take a simulated practice test at an actual testing facility, and under the same conditions, as the real exam.

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You must be taking classes that are a prerequisite for admission to the eligible program. Highly sought-after programs may have average GRE scores in the 90th percentile. Two credits of laboratory science are required.

She wants to enroll in a graduate program but cannot be admitted to the program because she still requires 12 credit hours of specific undergraduate coursework to meet the graduate program's admissions requirements. Conditions and restrictions apply, for complete guarantee eligibility requirements, visit kaptest.

Admission Eligibility

Vocational certificate program students take the CPTs. Acceptable College-Preparatory Coursework English: Students entering the program with an undergraduate degree in a different field may be encouraged to take undergraduate preparatory coursework in order to demonstrate competence in the basic fundamentals of Communication Studies.

Students enrolled in certain health professions programs may be eligible for higher unsubsidized Stafford Loan limits.


The foreign language requirement will be considered satisfied for students from non-English-speaking countries who entered the US educational system at the eighth grade or later. preparatory coursework is set by the Department of Education and varies from other loan amounts.

Students enrolled in preparatory coursework are not eligible for federal grants. Please note: To be eligible for loans under this exception, the student must be taking classes that are a prerequisite for admission.

Preparatory Coursework

Students who are admitted into the Co-op Option are required to complete a two-credit course sequence comprised of one-credit of Co-op preparatory coursework (graded S/U) followed by the one-credit Co-op work experience in the United States (graded S/U). preparatory coursework to be conisdered for federal student loans.

The courses to be taken are necessarily prerequisites for enrollment in a program leading to. Preparatory Coursework Form Per 34 CFRLoan Limits, students are only eligible to receive Federal Stafford Loans for one month consecutive period for preparatory.

Garden City Community College Financial Aid Office PREPARATORY COURSEWORK CONTRACT _____ _____ Student Name (First, Last, Middle Initial) GCCC Student ID or last 4 digits of SSN Number.

what is a preparatory course? Preparatory courses are training courses for tests required or used for admission to an institution of higher learning or graduate school.

Preparatory Coursework Preparatory coursework
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