Novel editing services india

I invite you to review my impressive credentials and client testimonials. If you have any concerns about your order, our quality assurance team will ensure that your editor has met our rigorous quality standards. We also maintain lists of common Indian writing errors in over 50 categories with their corrections as an ongoing reference for our team.

Our agency undertakes work in a responsible and quality-conscious manner, with strict adherence to deadlines. Countless other issues that you've novel editing services india heard of can prevent you from being published even when the quality of your writing itself is superior.

We know how hard you have worked to write your manuscript, so security and confidentiality are always ensured. If you spend X thousand Rupees on a book, then your income from book royalty should exceed this amount before you make any profit from the project. Friendly full-time customer service team Our friendly customer service team is available to answer your questions or deliver your questions to our editing team 5 days a week from 9: In such cases the copyright of the book would be shared with the publisher.

My Editing Process:

I'm currently accepting new clients and would like to serve as your novel editor. Constructive comments and grammar correction by the proofreaders helped us improve the quality of our documents.

Check each page-spread for length, vertical spacing, widows a short line at the top of a pageand orphans a very short word or part of a word at the end of a paragraph. Substantial Editing Process This level of editing is recommended primarily for manuscripts needing attention for organization, presentation, and sentence structure to clarify meaning and to smoothen the flow of the text by following means: My Editorial Philosophy Again, if you give publishers what they're looking for, they'll buy it.

We found uniformity in the different proofread documents of the same project. There's a simple secret to getting your novel commercially published; if you give publishers what they want, they'll buy it.

The assumption here is that the original manuscript has potential that can be accentuated with a little help. They also willingly took our feedback.

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Editing Processes Simple Editing Process The purpose of this level of editing is to prepare an already well structured manuscript for publication. He or she will spend sometime in reviewing and identifying the content. Work on story, structure, grammar and form.

Editing not only provides you with fresh insight about your writing but also increases the likelihood of success in your writing career. The Creative Penn's list of recommended editors. I'm a passionate believer in the importance of editing and I frequently get asked for recommendations for editors.

Here's why editing is important followed by my recommendations for editors I know personally. Book editing services. Editorial letter. Line editing. Writing coaching. Synopses.

Admissions Essay Consulting and Novel Editing Services My name is Niranjana (Nina) Iyer. I work as a writer and as a writing consultant helping new writers understand the process and requirements for creating a compelling story--whether for a novel or for a college admissions essay.

Admissions Essay Consulting and Novel Editing Services. Published author providing college admissions essay consulting and novel editing services.

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Home College Application Essays. What is the College Application Essay? After completing my MBA from IIM Ahmedabad (India). Freelance editors work with new writers (or even experienced ones) to polish their novel or non-fiction manuscript before it gets submitted to literary agents or publishers.

We Deliver Best Price, Fast Turnaround Time, Quality Editing and Proofreading Services in India. Editorial Services: The publishing of a book is a matter of substantial investment of time on your part and time and money on our part.

You want the book to be as widely read as possible, and so do we!

Novel editing services india
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