My front porch

Soon we were on our way back home She thought that maybe her father had removed the wrap around portion of the porch, while making repairs. This porch was added to the house around So let me show you how I went from skimpy 4 x 4 posts to mostly trimmed out 6.

Add items you want to birthday or Christmas lists…and save your money. I'm definitely not as young as I used to be. All eighteen of us.

The header beam above the staircase had some damage as well. The initial cause of the failure was poor building materials. Well, the truth is that the house didn't have much of a front porch at all. As it did, the water began to gather in the wood gutters and eventually poured over the edge into the fascia boards and the beam beneath.

The ugly green is almost gone forever Yippeee. If you found your way to this blog, chances are we share the same Father who loved us enough to send His Son, Jesus, to this earth to redeem us and bring us to full fellowship with Him.

Our dinner that night was also our family celebration of Heidi's 40th birthday. I'm learning as I go along. Please add your two cents at any time—Iron sharpens Iron. Thank God for my best friend who once again came to the rescue. I have a long way to go but this gives me inspiration.

These Front Porch Devotionals will allow you to pull up a chair, listen and hopefully enjoy our conversations. I routed a angled chamfer to match the woodwork on the house. I chose the three-circle pattern that appears over some of the windows and in the Gingerbread on the front of the house.

Pillows like this are an investment. Keep water away from the house at all costs. When you have it looking just like you want it, you can add glitter if you choose. Family Album Magic in the Other provided royalty-free by youtube And here are some more pictures for you.

The paint is then peeled off and the baluster is washed off under water to remove the remaining paste and paint.

Building My Front Porch Steps (The Box Method) – Part 1 – Building The Basic Frame

Slide in the balusters and nail everything together and Voila. Now I could take a breath of relief Sometimes the answers to complex questions are really quite simple and this is one of those cases. I did a little cleaning out here too and need to do more.

This is old milk paint and very difficult to remove. The inside cuts were then hand filed to smooth. I think it adds a great pop of color and seems to make the concrete less noticeable.

Summer Front Porch Decor: Gingham & Daisies

There are cases when it is much smarter to call a pro. It was a good week of time spent with family. I have no practical experience, but I feel I have a pretty good eye for things.

I lost two weeks installing the roof and another two recovering from the injury. It took quite the effort, but the fascia boards are now back on the porch in time for Winter I cannot begin to tell you how much time it takes to prime and paint of these plus railings.

I lost the battle. The next task was to make up some low profile spandrels to go My front porch the porch's support posts. Great, then please take a look at these porch plans they offer very popular with our readers.

So, I repeated the process by jacking up the center roof, cutting out the old beam, and replacing it with a new one. And since I only have three columns on the whole porch, and I decided to forgo the balustrade and the tiered column design, I made these columns a bit thicker and chunkier than I had originally planned.

This week I went to my favorite local farmers’ market and picked up several pumpkins to add some fall color to my front porch. I love all of the interesting colors and shapes of the pumpkins and gourds there – putting a mix of them on my front porch was a simple way to decorate for the fall season.

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During the years I worked for Front Porch, I was involved in converting two former military bases into retirement communities. We were proud of our work, but the most fulfilling moments came when residents told us how living in a Front Porch community was the greatest choice for their senior years.

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60+ Inspiring Ways to Update Your Porch and Patio. Grab a drink and a book and make your outdoor space your favorite escape. By Country Living Staff. Aug 30, String lights from Target twinkle over the front porch of this Ohio lake house, and Pottery Barn wicker furniture surrounds an antique folding table, where the family plays cards.

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Decorating My Front Porch for Fall

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My front porch
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