Dockers creating a sub brand

The Brand ImageTargeted at white collared working men between the ages Dockers creating a sub brand 25 and 49 Seen as casual apparel made from natural fibers suitable for a range of informal occasions. Applying branding to social marketing programs and public health issues, however, poses several unique challenges.

Building Brand Resonance Case 6 — iPod: Stick to an Overarching Brand Identity What about companies like GE and Mitsubishi that have to not just handle multiples brand in the same field, but also brands in other areas, from light bulbs and entertainment companies to cars and stereos.

At the start ofs new outward-focused strategicn, with a new, unified visual image,re ready to start moving. Jeans company Levis found this out the hard way when it tried to expand into new markets in the s. Some similar information should be contained in each communication option to offer consistency and facilitate the formation of strong and favorable associations.

Zipper fly, button closure. The benefits they receive in return for these actions, though, may be fairly intangible and seemingly removed, especially with respect to the more immediate benefits they might receive in exchange for engaging in undesirable behaviors.

Short Sighted DecisionConservative approach Governed by retail partners reactions. One important question then is which sets of behaviors should be branded-the desirable or undesirable behaviors-or whether both sets of behaviors should be branded. It is a very important task for a firm to manage its products through the successive stages of their life cycles.

By impacting brand knowledge in these ways, brands can be thought of as labeling products and providing meaning. The photo shows two colors: Creating a Sub BrandPresented by: The use of these visual elements communicates the Dockers core brand values, simple, basic and easy.

Many of the notions that were raised and practices that were identified are not necessarily new to social marketers and may have been already adopted as part of social marketing programs in the past. In summary, branding may provide a useful function in social marketing programs by facilitating a form of "exchange" which otherwise might not take place.

Due to our many successes with a leadership role. Similarly, social marketers should employ a range of communication options beyond traditional advertising to brand socially desirable behaviors. Buy Dockers Men's Slim Tapered Fit Signature Khaki Pants and other Casual at Our wide selection is elegible for free shipping and free returns/5().


Transcript of Levi's Marketing Strategy. By: Adrian Little Through a number of sub-brands and product lines under Levi's, they target specific consumer segments. The Sub-brands and who they target Dockers Dockers Brand Dockers Premium Dockers Recode Dockers Khaki's Slates's Men's Slates Women's Slates Expensive.

For example, many brands combine a family brand name with an individual brand name to create a "sub-brand" (e.g., Hershey’s Kisses, Levi’s Dockers, or Courtyard by Marriott). Multiple brand name components allow. Dockers were introduced into Europe in Levi Strauss attempted to sell the Dockers division in to relieve part of the company’s $2 billion outstanding debt.[6] We will write a custom essay sample on Levi’s Organization specifically for you. Dockers THE TWILL WRINKLE SHIRT men's Long sleeved Shirt in Blue. RRP £ NOW £ Dockers: Creating a Sub-brand Report 1.

Best Practice Cases in Branding, Strategic Brand Management, 4th Edition

How would you characterize Levi´s branding strategy in general? Levi’s is a brand recognizable in the whole wide world. There is no person who wouldn’t be able to associate correctly the Name with the product.

LS&Co has managed to create something timeless, just like their classical blue jeans.

Dockers creating a sub brand
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Branding Perspectives on Social Marketing by Kevin Lane Keller