Armed robbery is worse than corruption

I fully concur with Dr Kolawole Olaniyan who has said that grand corruption breeds bad governance, instability, and creates opportunities for criminal entrepreneurs to thrive, as politicians and their friends tend to take advantage of weak law enforcement and gaps within the criminal justice systems to use public offices for private gain.

Why do you say what you do not do. Patrick Henry Inflation is as violent as a mugger, as frightening as an armed robber and as deadly as a hit man. Evidently, where a man holds an office as a trust, he is answerable for his behavior in that capacity to the agency that put him into that position.

The expression 'against you' may also signify against your people or kith and kin. Hey, dude, what are you in for. James Ibori, because the previous looters get away with their loot, the subsequent political office holders feel comforted in the belief that they can continues to steal with impunity Falana 30 Thus, despite the much talk about democracy, rule of law, zero tolerance for corruption and good governance, corruption is still very much rampant in the country.

Conclusion Our submission is that there is no meeting point between Nigeria law and corruption. Blake D The blame should be on the lack of taxpayers and the lack of police. Corruption has been responsible for the instability of successive governments since the first Republic.

Net writing and download free outline pdf ebook computer network research essay on customer satisfaction. Politicians and public officers in the country are so wicked to the level that their wickedness can only be stopped by death penalty.

Voices from down under: A 3D view of violent crime in Ghana

It is literally impossible to fix every area of the city with the budget allotment and the years of neglect and abandonment. Once criminal tendencies are permitted to grow and flourish in homes and societies in general, the best government can do is to wipe out the symptoms from time to time the root cause of evil is far too deep for the long arm of the law to reach.

The recent blight removal initiative appears half-hearted, contrary to public promises. Politicians, businessmen and Hollywood actors are great at that.

July 28, at 5: To begin with, Islam has abolished all privilege and class distinctions. July 28, at The basic problem for analysis here is the unedifying glorification of corruption by condemning it with one corner of the mouth and tries to justify it with another, despite moral and religious condemnation of corruption in all forms.

Crime in Chicago

It is a biter true that corruption did not start in Nigeria yesterday. Examples of a thesis and mla - purchase custom essays on single mothers and download free outline massage therapy research.

Government officials, governors and their associates are still stealing public fund left, right and centre.

TI noted that the survey showed that taking bribes was particularly prevalent in Africa, Eastern Europe and Latin America.

Such money could have been channelled into other ventures. The whole system is rotten and sick to the core. His stories have uncovered corruption, led to arrests and reforms and prompted FBI investigations.

Every successive regime in Nigeria has always applied the relevant provision of the law to deal with corrupt practices and abuse of office. Therefore it must be pointed out that the official anti-corruption crusade cannot succeed without the cooperation of the members of the public.

Barely two weeks after a group of armed robbers stormed Hajo Jarra Pharmacy in Essau and got away with more than D16, calls are intensifying for authorities to embark on community-oriented.

Corruption is what leads to armed robbery. A corrupt nation is a nation in which people surfer, injustice and the people that will surfer are the poor leading them to frustration and the take the laws into their own by going to rob the rich which simple mean corruption is what leads to armed robbery.

Is bribery and corruption a worst enemy than armedrobbery?

“This nostalgia for military order is a response to both political corruption and urban violence. could make it worse. army sergeant killed in February during an armed robbery in western. The idea of instant justice was imported from Nigeria in the early seventies.

Immediately after the Biafra War in Nigeria, people acquired arms illegally and used them for armed robbery.

Liberia: As Armed Robbery Rises Civilians Defend Themselves

as or worse than it was 12 months ago? (1) Better (2) Same (3) Worse (88) Doesn’t know (98) Doesn’t Answer When there is a lot of corruption.

Capital punishment in Iran

(1) A military take-over of the state would be justified (2) A military Armed robbery (04) Assault but not robbery (05) Rape or sexual assault (06) Kidnapping. Corruption is a manifestation of bad governance and this has been identified as the bane of our society, Nigeria.

suffering, poverty, prostitution, armed robbery and other social maladies caused by bad leadership and myopia in leadership. In Africa, literature is a medium employed by the cure often turned out to be worse than the.

Armed robbery is worse than corruption
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Voices from down under: A 3D view of violent crime in Ghana | Opinions